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Susmita Srivastava

She did her post graduation in Biomedical genetics  from VIT and has a marvelous academic performance in the past years. Her research focus is targeting IL-6/JAK/STAT signaling in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.

PhD (2018 - Present)

Teaching cum Research Assistant (TRA) -  (2019 - present) 


Manupati Srikanth

Srikanth is an alumnus of Osmania University. He cleared NET and GATE in the year 2018 . He is a certified animal handler from National Institute of Nutrition. Currently, his research is focused at targeting IL-17A/ IL-17RA interaction using a small molecule inhibitor in the treatment of psoriasis.

PhD (2019 - Present)

Teaching Cum Research Assistant (TRA) - (2020 - Present)


Ann Miriam Jose

Ann completed her post graduation in Biotechnology from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She  cleared GATE in the year 2020.  She is currently working on therapeutically targeting IL-21 signaling in rheumatoid arthritis.

PhD (2020 - Present)

Teaching Cum research Assistant (TRA) -  (2021 - Present)

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Rithvik A


Rithvik completed his post graduation (M.S.) in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hajipur. He further carried out his masters dissertation at NIPER- Kolkata. He is currently focusing on decoding IL-17 orchestrated pathological events in psoriasis.

PhD (2022 - Present)

Teaching Cum research Assistant (TRA) -  (2022 - Present)

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